With white month - Sagaalganaar!

Dear friends!

Congratulations to the White month - Sagalgaan!
We sincerely wish you and your friends and family health,
happiness and prosperity!
Let the Year of the Wooden Blue Sheep fulfilled all the
good intentionsand accompany you good luck and success!

Best regards, The staff of the hotel "Odon".

Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

Cordially congratulate you on the coming New Year and Merry Christmas!

Wish You and Your families health, happiness and prosperity!

May the coming 2015 will bring confidence,

good luck and success in business and fulfill dreams come true!

Best regards,

the staff of the hotel "Odon".


Happy White Month Holiday Sagaalgan

Dear friends!

The “Odon Hotel” team wishes you Happy White Month Holiday – Sagaalgan (Lunar New Year)!

We wish you, your friends and family, from the bottom of our hearts,

solid health, happiness, welfare,

peace, prosperity and success!

May all your good wishes be fulfilled in the Year of the Wooden Horse and may lots of good fortune and success attend to you!

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